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Project Introduction

Product Name: Roznamcha App

Platform: Android & iOS

Technologies Used: Flutter, PHP, MySQL


Small retail and wholesale shops often grapple with managing their inventory, accounts, bookkeeping, cash flow, employee details, and maintaining ledgers for vendors and customers. The need for an all-encompassing solution was evident. Many existing solutions were either too complex, too expensive, or lacked essential features that the typical shop owner in Pakistan required.


BasePlan Pvt LTD, with its understanding of the small business landscape in Pakistan, devised the Roznamcha App. This cloud-based inventory software system was created using Flutter and PHP, ensuring compatibility across both Android and iOS platforms. Some key features include:

  • Real-time Database Management: With MySQL as its backbone, the system could handle vast amounts of data seamlessly and offer real-time updates, crucial for businesses that have dynamic inventory changes throughout the day.

  • Holistic Shop Management: Beyond just inventory, Roznamcha facilitates comprehensive cashflow management, employees’ management, and maintains ledgers for vendors and customers. It truly is an all-in-one solution.


Since its inception, the Roznamcha App has been adopted by over 18,000 shops, a testament to its efficacy and resonance with the target audience. Shop owners have lauded its user-friendly interface, the depth of features, and the peace of mind it brings by consolidating multiple managerial tasks into one robust platform.

Roznamcha App

BasePlan Pvt LTD is a formidable player in Pakistan's tech industry, championing the growth of small businesses through their innovative software solutions. One of their star products, which has carved a niche in the retail and wholesale industry, is the Roznamcha App.

Client: BasePlan Pvt LTD, Pakistan

Industry : Business Development & Software Solutions

Products SwipeCollab, Mocame, Roznamcha App

Categories: MVP Development


Note: Insert real testimonials from shop owners or managers who have benefited from the app.


The Roznamcha App’s success story underscores BasePlan Pvt LTD’s commitment to understanding the nuances of the Pakistani market and creating tailored solutions. Through thoughtful design, intuitive interface, and powerful backend technologies, the Roznamcha App has become an indispensable tool for small retail and wholesale shops across the country.